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Transfer Courses as Prerequisites

The U of U is serious about prerequisite checking because we want you to be successful!

To see if a U of U class that you want to take has a prerequisite, read the course description for the class in the General Catalog by clicking on the Subject code for the class in the Class Schedule.

Departments Rule!

  • Each U of U department has its own policies and processes for prerequisite checking.
  • Check with the department offering the class you want to take to find out what you need to do to have your transfer class(es) count as a prerequisite.

Run a Degree Audit

  • In most cases a transfer class must be posted on your U of U record to count as a prerequisite.
  • Run a Degree Audit to see if a class is posted.

Will it count?

Several things determine if a class can count as a prerequisite:

  • The grade you received in the class
  • How long ago you took the class (prerequisites can expire)
  • The content and scope of the class
    • a syllabus from the course may be needed to determine if it meets prerequisite criteria

Where did you take the class?

  • Classes taken at schools within the state of Utah may be automatically recognized by the prerequisite checking system at the U.
  • Classes from out-of-state institutions will not usually be automatically recognized as prerequisites, so students with these credits will need to contact the department offering the class to see if a class meets prerequisite requirements.

Permission Codes

  • Many departments enforce prerequisites with the use of permission codes. These are numbers that allow a student to take a class that has an enforced prerequisite.
  • Permission codes are given by the department offering the class.
    • In some cases, the instructor for the class gives the code.
    • At other times, the advisor or main departmental office may provide permission codes.
    • Many departments have permission code request forms on their websites.
  • At registration time permission codes are entered into the registration system along with the Class Number.
  • Many departments have permission code request forms on their websites. 

Test Scores as Prerequisites

ACT, SAT, AP and other standardized test scores can sometimes be used to fill prerequisite requirements.

These scores usually do not transfer to the U with a student’s transcript. They must be sent directly to the U of U Admissions Office from the agency awarding the credits.

Are you really ready for that next class?

Just because you can use your transfer work as a prerequisite does not necessarily mean that you should.

Did you master the material in the prerequisite class well enough to move on?

Do you remember the course material well enough to be successful in the next class?

Last Updated: 4/26/21