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Arts Technology

Program Description

If you are interested in digital technology as a creative tool or alternative medium of creative expression, consider taking part in the Arts Technology program. In today’s technology-driven world, future success in many careers involves fluency in digital communication and expression techniques. To remain current with advances in digital and communication technologies, the Arts Technology program was created. This cutting-edge program creates an academic environment that promotes interdisciplinary study in arts computing, and it has created an entirely new area for artists and practitioners to create, display, and disseminate their work. Arts Technology students explore digital technologies in the context of the fine and performing arts as an avenue to applying creative processes to other disciplines. Students learn the tools, techniques, and collaborative processes necessary to respond to a rapidly changing global world. Both minor- and certificate-seeking students complete a final capstone project class. This experience allows you to organize and synthesize the knowledge and skills acquired in your major courses and in arts technology.

Meet with a College of Fine Arts Academic Advisor for more information and to declare.

Academic and Career Opportunities

To enhance your studies and gain valuable work experience, consider completing an undergraduate research project or internship. Additional career development resources are available through the ArtsForce program, an event- and workshop-based initiative for Fine Arts students that provides you with networking and professional skills. Upon completion of the Arts Technology program, the skills you learned can be applied to careers in journalism, photography, writing, film editing and production, choreography, visual and multimedia design, or animation.

Last Updated: 8/21/23