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Animation Studies

Program Description

Animation Studies integrates many components of animation studies and production: in this minor, you will study critical, historical, theoretical, and practical aspects of animation. The goal is to enable students to develop expertise in understanding and using animation for artistic, social, and pre-professional purposes. Animation Studies can be pursued as a minor or as an emphasis area of the Film and Media Arts BA. Regardless of your program track, the Animation Studies curriculum will not only advance your technical knowledge of animation media, but it will also develop your critical perspectives through historical studies, theoretical analysis, and cross-cultural examination.

Career Opportunities

A number of careers are open to students with an Animation Studies minor or emphasis. Consider becoming a visual effects animator, video game designer, computer animator, 3D animator, or cartoonist. Companies and sectors that seek to employ students who have animation skills include advertising agencies, museums, film studios, video game design companies, and television stations. You can also freelance as an animator, picking the jobs that best suit your interests and abilities.

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Last Updated: 7/8/24