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Campaign Management

Program Description

If you’re passionate about politics and want to help influence who gets elected to a public office, consider studying campaign management. The Campaign Management Minor at the University of Utah is administered by the Hinckley Institute of Politics through the College of Social and Behavioral Science. This exciting program offers undergraduate students the opportunity to learn the theory and practices that will allow them to be effective participants in election and advocacy campaigns. To receive the Campaign Management minor, students are required to complete courses in the Political Science, Communications, and Philosophy Departments. Students must also complete a political internship through the Hinckley Institute in Utah, Washington, DC, or abroad.

Career Opportunities

To enhance your studies, consider writing for the Hinckley Journal of Politics or joining the ASUU Government Relations Board. Students may also wish to complete an internship in Washington, DC, getting a first-hand look at how politics in our nation's capital operates. Additionally, the Hinckley Institute provides parliamentary internships in several countries.  A number of career opportunities are available upon completion of the program: join a city or state government office as a campaign manager, political consultant, or constituent liaison. Students can also find work in journalism and the media, as TV news producers or communications directors.

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Last Updated: 8/21/23