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Political Science


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Program Description

Political scientists study how people organize, administer, and seek to improve their governments. If you want to be an active member of the political body, acting as a positive force for change, consider the Political Science program at the University of Utah. Students in this field study the privileges and responsibilities of citizenship, the uses and abuses of power, and America’s relations with other nations. As you learn the art of analysis and argumentation, you will gain a deeper understanding of the political process. Students will complete courses in American government, international relations, public policy, and political theory. After graduation, students are prepared to work at any level of government; because political science students also have strong critical thinking skills and social awareness, they are well-prepared to pursue a variety of allied careers or graduate programs. The Political Science program has four emphasis areas:

  • Community Involvement and Nonprofit Leadership (BA/BS)
  • International Politics (BA/BS)
  • Law and Politics (BA/BS)
  • Public Policy (BA/BS)

The Student Experience

Students are encouraged to complete an internship during their time in the program, allowing them to earn academic credit while simultaneously gaining valuable professional skills and experience. Additional enrichment and involvement opportunities available include the Undergraduate Student Advisory Committee, the honor societies Pi Sigma Alpha and Pi Alpha Alpha, and the Maxwell Lectures in Political Theory. The Hinckley Institute also has a number of programs that are of use to Political Science students. Join the Hinckley Volunteer Corps to assist in a political campaign, attend a Hinckley-sponsored conference, assist in outreach initiatives as a Hinckley Student Ambassador, or participate in a Pizza & Politics discussion forum.

Career Opportunities

Political Science graduates can go on to careers in campaign management, city management, public policy, fundraising, and legislation. Students may also find jobs in government, as auditors, managers, policy analysts, city council members, or governors. Work in nonprofit organizations or political groups, such as a state political party, is also an option. With additional education at the graduate level, students may become lawyers, diplomats, educators, journalists, professors, or administrators.

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