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Classics: Greek or Latin


  • Major
  • BA
  • BS
  • BSW
  • Honors
  • Minor
  • Certificate

Program Description

The Classics minor with a specialization in Greek or Latin allows students to study the languages and literature of the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome. The program consists of three semesters of language acquisition with a focus on the mechanics and grammar of the student’s emphasis language, with electives in literature and poetry. Upon graduation, you will have a thorough training in the ancient languages of Greek and Latin and their literatures, preparing you for graduate school and employment in the public and private sectors.

Academic and Career Opportunities

Outside the classroom, be sure to network with fellow students by joining Eta Sigma Phi, the national Honors society for Greek and Latin languages students, or participate in summer study abroad programs for academic enrichment and experience. With your Classics language training, you will be prepared to enter careers in translation, interpretation, education, or cultural resource management. With further education at the graduate level, you could also become a librarian, curator, or professor.

Last Updated: 3/6/19