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Climate Change

Program Description

Human alteration of Earth's climate is an accepted scientific fact. As the impacts of climate change become more severe over the coming years and decades, companies, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations will be required to adapt and respond to climate change. Scientifically-based, up-to-date knowledge is essential to formulating adaption and response strategies, and the University of Utah’s certificate in Climate Change will provide you with this knowledge. The program curriculum provides students with cutting-edge training, with courses covering local and global climate systems, geography, and ecology. In earning the certificate, students will understand the fundamentals of climate systems and the scientific background of climate change, equipping them to develop mitigation and adaptation strategies for dealing with climate change.

Academic and Career Opportunities

To enrich your academic experience, consider completing an undergraduate research project or joining the Enviro Club. Upon graduation, the certificate in climate change is suitable for a wide range of career options: land management, environmental and social equity advocacy, and environmental consulting are all possible areas of employment. Graduates can also become local, state, and federal government administrators, or find work as natural and geological science researchers, scientists, planners, and policy makers.

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Exploratory Classes

  • GEOG 3205 - Climate Change Foundations
  • GEOG 3210 - Global Climate Change
  • GEOG 5215 - Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Mitigation

Last Updated: 7/9/24