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Program Description

The earth sciences are a group of scientific areas that involve the study of earth and other planets: geology (the science of the earth), meteorology (the science of the atmosphere), oceanography (the science of the oceans), and astronomy (the science of the universe). If you are interested in learning more about your planet, consider minoring in Earth Sciences through the University of Utah’s prestigious program. The Geology and Geophysics program at the U is ranked within the top 50 Earth Science programs in the United States, ensuring that you will receive the knowledge and skills to be a competitive candidate in the field. The Earth Sciences curriculum is comprised of core courses on earth systems and history. Students then complete electives from a range of options, including geologic disasters, sustainable energy, paleontology, and oceanography. 

Academic and Career Opportunities

If you are seeking involvement opportunities, consider serving on a departmental committee or completing an undergraduate research project or internship with an off-campus organization. Upon completion of the minor, you will be eligible for careers in geology, environmentalism, research, or education. With additional education at the graduate level, students can also become paleontologists, environmental lawyers, professors, or engineers.

Last Updated: 8/21/23