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Criminology and Corrections

Program Description

The Criminology and Corrections certificate provides students with exposure and a chance to take courses from many facets of Criminology from a multidisciplinary perspective. Students will learn about many aspects of crime as a social phenomenon; divisive issues relative to race and criminal justice, police brutality, prison overcrowding, sexual assault, and terrorism - just to name a few. Regardless of fluctuations in the crime rate, crime and our response to it will continue to be a major issue on all levels with far reaching impacts. This certificate will help prepare students to deal with these critical issues.

The interdisciplinary Criminology and Corrections certificate pairs well with many other disciplines and can be completed completely online* making it a great option for students who have an interest in the study of crime without the time and credit commitment of the full **Criminology major.

*Via courses taken in the online format through the Main Campus, not via UOnline.

**Students majoring in Criminology cannot also declare a Criminology Certificate.

Academic and Career Opportunities

Up to 3 credits can be taken as Internship credit (SOC 4891) or Research Assistantship (SOC 3950), where students can have a chance to experience the topics they learn about first hand in the world with professionals in the field or lab. Students go on to work in a variety of fields ranging from law enforcement, social work, non-profits, government policy and programs, continuing their studies in graduate programs, law school, and beyond.

Last Updated: 7/15/24