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digital cultureDigital Culture Studies Certificate

Program Description

The Digital Culture Studies Certificate (DCSC), open to all majors, emphasizes critical thinking, technological praxis, and collaborative pedagogy through concentrated coursework and proficiency in studies of digital humanities and computer programming.  For students in Computer Science or other technologically-focused areas of study, it offers vital cultural and historical context surrounding the very technologies that they study, design, operate, and create. This knowledge of the larger social matrix within which technological innovation is situated can only broaden their perspectives and encourage them to engage more fully with the ethical implications of their work than the requirements of their major might otherwise allow. Equally important, for students in the Humanities, the Certificate Program allows them to cultivate hands-on skills with computational technology that a traditional Humanities curriculum cannot readily accommodate.

Career Opportunities

Possible career paths include creative and technical writing, graphic design, visual media, 3D modeling, design, engineering, and programming.

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Exploratory Classes

  • HUM 2010 - Introduction to Digital Culture Studies

Last Updated: 6/6/24