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Program Description

Students of English enter a world rich with intellectual possibilities. As an English major at the University of Utah, you will study literature, creative writing, and literary discourse and theories. The U’s English curriculum covers the vast range of literature written in English, from the 8th century AD until the present day. Students will explore theory, film, graphic novels, video games, digital humanities, popular culture, and have the chance to develop their skills as critical and creative writers. However, the skills you gain from an English degree are not limited to just studying literature—written and verbal communication skills are central to any career or subsequent degree that demands the ability to think, argue, write, and speak about complicated issues. In addition to expanding your intellect, your English degree ultimately provides an essential foundation for careers in law, business, government, education, finance, and media.

The Student Experience

The department offers many involvement opportunities for students. Publish your original creative or critical writing in the Canticle, an undergraduate literary journal; or participate in the English Student Advisory Committee to get involved with the Department of English, or study abroad through the London Program.

Career Opportunities

A degree in English prepares you for no particular job; rather, it prepares you for any job. English majors can go on to become politicians, activists, artists, educators, scholars, journalists, advertisers, entrepreneurs, and CEOs. Enter the field of business as a technical writer or editor, work in the media as a journalist or freelance writer, or become an author of prose or poetry. Students interested in graduate school can pursue careers as lawyers, doctors, counselors, librarians, curators, administrators, or professors. Careers in education and social work are also possible with an English degree.

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Last Updated: 8/21/23