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Program Description

The Diversity certificate is a timely choice for all students, especially those who are interested in understanding the causes and consequences of diversity and inequality. The program uses multiple perspectives and theories to teach students the impacts - both positive and negative - of race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, and disability in society.

To earn the Diversity Certificate, students must complete one required course on social inequality, choose 3 additional sociology electives from the Diversity and Inequality program area, and two allied diversity courses from a department other than Sociology. Department choices range from Anthropology to Social Work, Disability Studies to Political Science. An enriched and informed outlook is not the only benefit of completing the diversity certificate; the varied skills you will gain will also open the doors to many careers and job opportunities.

Academic and Career Opportunities

To enrich your academic experience, consider completing a diversity internship (SOC 4892). Upon graduation, you can find work in the social services, law enforcement, or education. Students who choose to attend graduate school are eligible to pursue careers as lawyers, therapists, professors, or grant writers.

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Exploratory Classes

  • SOC 3380 - Social Inequality: Disadvantage in the Land of Opportunity

Last Updated: 8/21/23