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Program Description

The French program at the University of Utah is intended for students wishing to gain a deeper understanding of French and Francophone (French-speaking) cultures through the study of French language, literature, and society.  The program, housed within the Department of World Languages & Cultures, caters to individual student needs and fosters forward thinking and intellectual freedom. This freedom is reflected in program coursework: the program curriculum begins with intensive grammar and progresses through the cultural history of France and the more than 50 French-speaking nations in the world, covering topics such as French film, fashion, romance, art, nationhood, otherness, and identity. The U’s French program provides excellent preparation for pursuing graduate work and entering a variety of professions where critical reading, writing, and thinking skills are paramount.

The Student Experience

Students wishing to focus on a topic in-depth may complete an undergraduate research project; another academic enrichment option is to complete a learning abroad program in France or a Francophone country. Outside the classroom, students can socialize and network by joining Pi Delta Phi, the French National Honor Society, or the U’s French Club.

Career Opportunities

Competency in French language and culture will prepare you for local and international work in translation, business, teaching, diplomacy, medicine, law, and social and community work. Graduates of the U’s program have become teachers, administrators, or linguists, or entered the fields of publishing, international relations, Foreign Service, non-profit, and healthcare professions. Students can also pursue further studies in graduate programs in French, comparative literature, and international studies, or they can complete professional degrees in law, medicine, and dentistry.

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Exploratory Classes

  • WLC 2010 - Intro to the Study of Literature & Culture
  • WLC 2020 - Language in Society
  • FRNCH 1010 - Beginning French I or above

Last Updated: 4/23/21