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Electrical Engineering

Program Description

The field of electrical & computer engineering involves the analysis and design of complex electrical and electronic devices, software, and systems containing hardware and software components. Without electrical & computer engineering, things like computers, car power systems, and cell phones would not exist. The Electrical and Computer Engineering department at the University of Utah covers a broad range of disciplines related to computing, sensing, and communicating. The program will prepare you to join the next generation of engineers, capable of becoming a leader in industry, government or academia. The Electrical & Computer Engineering curriculum is comprised of courses in differential and integral calculus, linear algebra and complex variables, basic sciences, computer science, and engineering sciences. Training in these topics prepares students for the analysis and design challenges associated with electrical and electronic devices, software, and systems containing hardware and software components. All students must complete a senior project capstone, further solidifying electrical and computer engineering concepts and preparing you to enter the workforce or graduate school.

The Student Experience

In addition to your academic studies, be sure to participate in some of the department’s many student organizations, such as the U’s chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) or the Women in Engineering (WIE) program. Degree enrichment opportunities include undergraduate research projects, internships, or study abroad programs, all offering you hands-on and professional skills and will be of use in any career you pursue.

Career Opportunities

A degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering will prepare you for careers in computer design, communications systems, circuitry, and robotics. Graduates of the program have been hired as electrical engineers, software engineers and developers, hardware engineers, project managers, and product enhancement engineers. Students can also attend graduate school in electrical or computer engineering or a related field, such as math, physics, civil engineering, or nuclear engineering.

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Exploratory Classes

  • ECE 1050 - Matlab for Electrical and Computer Engineering Design
  • ECE 1240 - Intro to Circuit Design
  • ECE 1245 - Intro to Circuit Design Lab
  • ECE 1900 - Intro to Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • ENGIN 1022 - Survey of Engineering

Last Updated: 5/11/21