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International Studies


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Program Description

Learn about the cultures across the world and become a truly global citizen with International Studies at the University of Utah. The courses available through this program give students descriptive, analytical, and methodological tools to help understand the world and the United States in a global context. Students in the International Studies program take courses from three core areas: Peoples, Challenges, and Systems. They must also take electives from a single focus area: Development & Sustainability, Foreign Relations & Security, Global Health, Culture & Identity, Trade & Commerce, European Studies, or Language/Culture Electives. Regardless of the chosen emphasis area, all International Studies students must also complete a learning abroad program or an international internship. Through the study of languages, geography, ethics, and human nature, students will form a basis for understanding global issues and their national and international impact. After graduating from the program, you will be prepared for a number of careers both domestically and internationally.

The Student Experience

 Academic enrichment possibilities include completing your own undergraduate research project or publishing or presenting in an international studies-themed conference or journal. If you want to network and meet other students, the program offers many involvement opportunities. You can attend Tea Times, monthly meetings that offer career advice and discussion; join the International & Area Studies Student Advisory Committee (IAS SAC), offering feedback on the program; or, complete the Language Exchange Program and practice a foreign language with a native speaker.

Career Opportunities

The skills gained from the U’s International Studies program can be used in a diverse number of fields. Work locally or abroad as a translator, ambassador, or interpreter. Or, pursue a career in international business, working as an account manager or marketing analyst to help grow your company’s international presence and investments. Students can also enter the field of education as ESL instructors or teachers. Jobs in tourism—as travel writers, event managers, and airline employees—are also possible. If you decide to continue your education at the graduate level, you can find employment in social work, administration, higher education, linguistics, law, and anthropology.

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