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Gender Studies

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Program Description

Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary field that focuses on interactions of gender with race, class, sexual orientation, and nationality. In addition to its focus on the history and achievements of women, gender scholarship has inspired research and curricula that address men’s lives, masculinity, and the lives of people who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. The University of Utah Gender Studies Division offers a space for the study of a wide range of feminist thought and practices: theory and community-engaged learning; activism and professional development; lively debate and professional skill building. Pursue your passions!

The Student Experience

Enrich your academic pursuits by completing an undergraduate research project with one of our Gender Studies faculty, complete a Transform year-long internship, or participate in the Utah Legislative Session through our Gender on the Hill course. Students can also get involved by joining the Transform College Student Council (CSC), to assist in planning events for Transform students, provide feedback regarding faculty appointments and promoting Ethnic Studies around campus and in the community.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Gender Studies program have found work in every career field – business, education, health, nonprofit, and social services - putting their critical thinking and analytical skills to work. If you plan to attend graduate school, Gender Studies is a great undergrad foundation for programs in gender studies, sociology, law, social work, education, psychology, public administration, and multiple health programs (med school, public health).

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