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Human Development and Family Studies

Program Description

The Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS) Minor introduces students to an understanding of family relationships and an individual’s development through life. In this field, you will learn the principles of human development, the key tasks that accompany each stage of development, and the intra-family processes that influence this development.

Students choose electives in HDFS topics - such as family problems, family violence, parenting, healthy communities, intimacy and love, human sexuality, marriage, divorce and remarriage, understanding children’s behavior, etc.

Career Opportunities

Moving beyond the theoretical, students also have the opportunity to participate in undergraduate research, complete community service and internships, gain mediation skills and the hands-on experience necessary to improve the lives of individuals and families.

Paired with a pertinent major graduates of the Human Development and Family Studies minor can pursue careers in a variety of fields such as education, social work, healthcare, counseling, advocacy, early intervention etc.