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Program Description

History students at the University of Utah explore the cultures, events, and peoples of the past.  In doing so, students better understand the present and can plan for the future.  The History major helps students to develop the ability to interpret complex information and write clearly, ensuring that they are able to offer creative solutions to challenging problems, handle ambiguity, and work across cultures.  Courses cover the world from ancient Europe and Africa to modern Asia and the Pacific, and from colonial Latin America to the American West.  Students are encouraged to follow their passions by selecting courses to create an area of concentration: the history of science, gender, environment, religion, colonialism and imperialism, race and ethnicity and more.  Regardless of their focus of study, students will ultimately develop a capacity for careful and rigorous thought and cultural competence, abilities that promote success in careers at home or around the world.

The Student Experience

Students can enrich their academic experience by completing a local internship, authoring an undergraduate research project, presenting at the department conference, or winning the best essay contest. Students can also join such departmental organizations as Phi Alpha Theta (a history honor society) or H-SAC (the History Student Advisory Committee).

Career Opportunities

History students are prepared to pursue careers in a variety of fields.  Work in business as an executive or analyst, or join the government crafting domestic or foreign policy.  Start a nonprofit organization and write grants or become a media consultant.  Finally, History majors become excellent History teachers—there is an ongoing national shortage of qualified educators.  With additional classwork at the graduate level, History majors become museum curators, university professors, or legal experts for social justice or corporate profit alike.

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