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military-science-2Military Science (Army ROTC)

Program Description

The Military Science Reserve Officer Training Corps (Army ROTC) program is a military training program for those who desire to serve in the U.S. Army as a commissioned officer. Students can participate in Army ROTC during their freshman and sophomore years without any obligation to join the Army. These Basic Courses are focused on building confidence and resiliency in preparation for their future careers, both civilian and military. Basic Courses include: Introduction to the Army and Critical Thinking; the Profession of Arms, Physical Readiness, Leadership and Decision-making, Military History, Army Doctrine, and Team Development.  Students interested in competing for an Army ROTC scholarship can apply as early as their freshman year. 

Upon completion of basic course requirements, Students can sharpen their abilities and leadership by enrolling in the ROTC Advance Course, which focuses on making them creative and critical thinkers ready to have an immediate impact in the United States Army upon their graduation. Courses for the Advance course include: Training Management, Warfare, and Small unit and Company grade leadership

There are no assigned Majors for students in the Military Science program. Students are encouraged to pursue degrees they are interested in pursuing beyond graduation. Students interested in directly combining their Army ROTC training with other degrees or organizations can complete the Nursing Program (Nursing Scholarships available) or the Simultaneous Membership Program where they serve in the Reserve Component and Army ROTC simultaneously.  Soldiers in the Utah National Guard and United States Army Reserve can enroll at any point until the start of the Advanced Course. 

Regardless of the way in which they complete the program, Army ROTC students will ultimately graduate with leadership skills, experience and sound decision making that our Nation and employers need.

Academic and Career Opportunities

In addition to the academic opportunities, Military Science offers a multitude of opportunities for students to put their skills to work through community service, physical fitness, and leadership roles that challenge but develop them. After graduating with your bachelor’s degree and meeting all the requirements of the Military Science program, you will serve in the U.S. Army as a commissioned officer. There are 17 different career fields that cover hundreds of opportunities, any of which you can pursue.

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Exploratory Classes

  • MIL S1010 - Intro to the Army & Critical Thinking
  • MIL S1020 - Intro to the Profession of Arms

Last Updated: 7/10/24