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Aerospace Studies (Air Force ROTC)

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Program Description

The Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) program is a military training program for those that desire to serve in the United States Air Force as an Officer: AFROTC’s mission is to develop quality leaders for the Air Force. It is designed for college students about to enroll as freshmen or sophomores who are pursuing a B.A., B.S., Pre-Medical, or Pre-Law degree. AFROTC has a proud culture of honor, commitment, and dedication. This program will not only train you and teach you leadership skills; it will also build your confidence, integrity, and self-respect. Students in the program enroll in two Aerospace Study (AS) courses every semester: an academic AS course that covers general military knowledge, military leadership, and national security studies, and a Leadership Laboratory AS course that facilitates leadership application in a military training environment. Students not interested in pursuing a career in the Air Force can enroll in the academic courses only. Regardless of your career aspirations, the AFROTC program will help you discover your potential to do something for the greater good. 

Students who plan to accept a commission with the U.S. Air Force can complete the Joint Military Leadership Minor. This minor includes courses in leadership studies, military history, and policy. Students need to meet certain requirements for this minor, please contact AFROTC for more details. 


Academic and Career Opportunities

In addition to coursework, community service is a hallmark of the AFROTC program, and students complete a number of service projects during their time in the program. After graduating with your bachelor’s degree and completing the AFROTC program, you can go on to serve in the U.S. Air Force as a commissioned officer. A number of positions are available: work as a pilot, personnel officer, combat rescue officer, or planning and program officer. You can also explore other fields based on the undergraduate degree you pursued in conjunction with the AFROTC program: consider becoming a JAG (an Air Force attorney), civil engineer, chemist, or physicist.


Last Updated: 11/2/18