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Nuclear Engineering

Program Description

Nuclear power and engineering are increasingly important as society looks for alternative energy sources. With the Nuclear Engineering Minor, you will gain the knowledge and skills you need to join the next generation of nuclear engineers. The program is the only undergraduate nuclear program available in the state of Utah, and it is one of the fewer than 50 nuclear engineering programs in the United States. Students completing this minor take classes in nuclear principles, neutron-based engineering, radiochemistry, and nuclear science. This unique and valuable program of study will prepare you for an exciting career in the industry of nuclear power.

Academic and Career Opportunities

While a student in the program, you can take advantage of a number of cutting-edge technologies: the U has 10 radiation counting stations, a research reactor, and several radiochemistry and radiation labs. Students are encouraged to network and get involved in between their classes, so be sure to join the local chapters of the American Nuclear Society (ANS). Upon graduation, you can combine your nuclear engineering knowledge with skills from a major in science or engineering to become a nuclear scientist or engineer. Additional career possibilities include radiological engineering and radiochemistry.

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Exploratory Classes

  • NUCL 3000 - Nuclear Principles in Engineering and Science

Last Updated: 7/10/24