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Applied Positive Psychology

Program Description

Positive psychology, as the name implies, emphasizes human strength and happy emotions. This focus on the positive in the course of psychological treatment ultimately allows people to thrive and lead meaningful lives. Through the Positive Psychology certificate at the University of Utah, you will learn to apply positive psychology to topics such as intimate relationships, happiness and satisfaction, traumatic experiences, addictive thinking, and career and work. Throughout the program, students will learn applied research methods that can be used to treat clients. Students can then use the skills they gain to assist them in future careers in psychology or allied fields.

Academic and Career Opportunities

If you want to network and meet fellow students in your department, consider joining the Student Advisory Committee. Upon graduation, students can pair their certificate skills with those from their major, allowing for specialization in a given field: for example, positive psychology is an excellent asset to human resources specialists, coaches, and managers. Students who wish to attend graduate school can use the certificate as a jumping-off point for further training in positive psychology, as psychologists, lawyers, and other mental health professionals.

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Last Updated: 7/11/24