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Remote Sensing

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Program Description

Remote sensing is the science of scanning areas from a distance, usually via the use of aircraft, drones, or satellites. This information is then used to create maps or flight plans, predict the weather, or inform urban planning or engineering decisions. Through coursework in remote sensing and geographic information sciences (GIS), the Remote Sensing Certificate will provide students with training in geography and geospatial analysis, remote sensing analysis, as well as basic software skills related to science and engineering computational problems.

Academic and Career Opportunities

Connect with like-minded peers by joining the Geography Club, or enhance your certificate courses by completing an original research project. Careers in remote sensing are available in the private, public, government, and academic sectors. Work as a geographer, cartographer, GIS analyst, or surveyor, or pair the certificate with a relevant major to become a programmer, engineer, or geologist. With additional coursework at the graduate level, students may pursue jobs as researchers, professors, or scientists.

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