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sculpture intermedia


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  • BSW
  • Honors
  • Minor
  • Certificate

Program Description

Our faculty considers sculpture as an inclusive art form; our course of study emphasizes new media as well as traditional methods and processes. Students work with traditional approaches to object making as well as utilizing computer, video, printmaking, book arts, and photography, as components in three-dimensional artwork. Courses range from kinetics, small metals, metal fabrication, and wood shop techniques to environment/installation and computer applications.

Academic and Career Opportunities

The Department of Art and Art History offers students many chances to network and get involved: for example, Sculpture Club at the UofU is a student organization that host events and professional development opportunities for members. Students graduating with a Sculpture Intermedia Minor will have a diverse skill set and the ability to apply this to their chosen career path. Many employers in the creative sector look favorably at applicants who have strong fabrication and three-dimensional design skills. The Minor is open to all students at the University of Utah pursuing a degree.



Last Updated: 11/10/20