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Program Description

The undergraduate studio art program will prepare you for an exciting career in creative expression. This program offers education in topics such as visual arts, animation, education, or design. The curriculum helps students to develop a range of hands-on, formal, and conceptual skills. The program is structured as a balance between the visual and the physical: students study Studio Arts Foundations in the first year and focus on a specific Emphasis starting in their second year. Students are given the opportunity to develop hands-on skills through direct practice with material and tools of the trade; the program also covers topics such as form, process, and technique. Ultimately, an Art BFA will allow you to understand contemporary art theories, engage with new forms, and explore art as an active part of culture today. Students choose from the following emphases:

The Student Experience

Summer study abroad programs offer further education in prints, printmaking, and drawing in an international setting. In addition to academic development, the College of Fine Arts also helps students prepare for life after graduation: the ArtsForce program, an event- and workshop-based initiative, connects students to fellow peers, faculty members, and mentors to provide them with networking and professional development skills.

Career Opportunities

The Art BFA opens the doors to many job opportunities. Besides art careers such as graphic designer, illustration, sculptor, painter, photographer, printmaker, ceramic artists. If visual design interests you, the Art BFA equips the art training to become an expert in a variety of fields that requires visual expertise such as art agent, art director, art gallery dealer, variety of art professionals in museums and community art organizations.  Careers as an art instructor, art professor, or art journalist are also possible.

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Exploratory Classes

  • ART 2202 - Studio Art Foundations: Construct
  • ART 2203 - Studio Art Foundations: Evidence
  • ART 2204 - Studio Art Foundations: Illusion
  • ART 2208 - Studio Art Foundations: Touch

Last Updated: 8/21/23