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Academic Planning

Following a plan at SLCC will save you time and money at the U of U

Try to make your academic plan at SLCC match the academic plan for the first two years of your major at the U of U.

  1. Study the 4-5 year academic plans for your intended U of U major in the U of U Catalog.
  2. Spend time on the departmental website for your U of U major.
  3. Meet with the major advisor for your U of U major for help selecting your SLCC classes.

Sequential vs. Flexible Majors

Most U of U majors fall into two types: sequential and flexible. Your planning at SLCC depends on what type of major you are interested in at the U of U.

Sequential majors

  • Strict academic plans intended to be followed closely
  • Sequential courses with strictly-enforced prerequisites
  • Courses offered at limited times (i.e., courses that are only offered in Fall Semester followed by courses that are only offered in Spring).
    • Students must carefully follow published academic plans or they will miss out on classes essential to the sequence of courses and delay their graduation.
  • Many required classes with very little (if any) room for elective classes

SLCC students interested in sequential majors should follow as closely as possible the U’s academic plans and check that their SLCC classes are articulated to meet U of U major requirements.

Flexible Majors

  • Academic plans that can be varied for individual students based on interests, time constraints, etc.
  • Few sequential courses with very few prerequisites
  • A relatively small number of required credit hours leaving lots of room for electives
  • The capability for students to add a double major or minor without delaying graduation

SLCC students interested in flexible majors can take more classes for fun or general interest while at SLCC and may want to consider adding a minor or double major to their academic plan.

Meet regularly with U of U major advisors to make the most of your time at SLCC.

Is my U of U major sequential or flexible?

Last Updated: 12/28/23