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Clear U of U General Education Requirements

Finish general education at SLCC and you will be done with general education at the U of U

Getting a “Package Deal”

The easiest way to complete the U’s General Education Requirements before transferring is to complete SLCC’s General Education Requirements.

All your U of U General Education will considered complete if you get one of the following degrees or certifications at SLCC.

Associate's Degree (AA or AS)

Certificate of Completion

Interstate Passport


Send a final transcript from SLCC once your degree and/or certificate is posted, so your General Education can be cleared. Once you are admitted to the U, run a Degree Audit to make sure your completed degree has been recorded.

Bachelor’s Degree Requirements

The U of U has a set of mostly upper-division general requirements called Bachelor's Degree Requirements.

  • Most must be filled with upper-division classes (classes numbered 3000 or higher)
  • Typically can’t be filled while attending SLCC because community colleges only offer lower division courses
  • One Exception! U’s Diversity Requirements (DV) can be filled by taking a Diversity (DV) class at SLCC

Many of these requirements could be filled by your major coursework. Meet with your major advisor to learn how to fill two requirements with one class.

Last Updated: 8/21/23