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Narrow Down Options

The following strategies and resources may help you to make a decision on a major and/or career. For assistance working through this process, please set up an appointment with an exploration advisor at the Academic Advising Center by calling 801-581-8146.

Narrow your choices by eliminating options that don't fit with your interests, aptitudes and values.

Tips to Remember

  • This process will take some time. Don't rush into a decision.
  • Majors and careers are not always directly related. Most college majors don't provide "job training" but help you develop general skills that can be used in a variety of careers. Employers often hire someone based on the skills they possess, not on the major they studied in college.
  • There is usually not one "perfect" career for an individual. Combine majors, minors, certificates, internships and electives to make your entire academic experience the best pursuit it can be for you as an individual. Strive for the "best" not the "perfect" match.
  • You should not feel "trapped" by any decision you make. You can change your career or major if you are unhappy with your decision.
  • Some interests make better hobbies than careers.
  • If you are considering a major with special admissions requirements, be sure to consider alternatives in case you are not accepted.
  • So-called "unmarketable" majors may be more marketable than you think. See an academic advisor to find out about career opportunities for liberal arts majors.
  • You are the one who has to live with your choice. Don't expect or allow others to make this decision for you.

Meeting with an Advisor can help. Schedule an appointment by calling the Academic Advising Center at 801-581-8146.

Last Updated: 5/24/18