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Advanced Financial Analysis

Program Description

The Advanced Financial Analysis (AFA) minor is an honors-level program that provides students with a deep foundation in finance and accounting. In addition to coursework in those areas, students also complete classes in financial modeling and coding as applied to finance problems: financial valuation, interpreting financial statements, and python for finance are just some of the skills students will learn. Ultimately, the minor focuses on developing technical competence in a business environment, giving students the skills they need to solve problems in the real world.

Academic and Career Opportunities

Meet like-minded peers by joining Business Scholars, the Finance Club, or Beta Alpha Psi (an honor organization for Accounting, Finance, and Information Systems students). Consider completing an independent research project for a financial problem you want to solve, or gain real-world experience prior to graduation by completing an internship. When paired with a relevant major, the Advanced Financial Analysis minor prepares students for careers in corporate finance, accounting, investment or commercial banking, financial planning, or real estate. Become a financial consultant for clients in the private, public or government sectors, or continue your education at the graduate level in programs such as finance, accounting, business administration, or analytics.

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Last Updated: 8/21/23