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Program Description

An economy is a social system where people produce and distribute goods and services. Economists study these systems, focusing on issues related to decision-making, firms and industries, and social and economic institutions. Students in the program gain critical thinking and quantitative analysis skills, and these abilities can be used to solve economic and other real-world problems. The program offers classes on economic principles, economic math, and the doctrines and history of economics; the flexible course schedule also allows students to complete minors or second majors in fields like business, political science, math, and many others. Consider and emphasis in Business Economics & Analytics (BA/BS) or Statistics Analysis (BA/BS). Because economic analysis is clear and precise, the major is highly valued by job recruiters and graduate schools.

The Student Experience

In addition to coursework, students can participate in several department organizations: Omicron Delta Epsilon is a national honor society for economics majors, and the Economics Student Advisory Committee hosts events and allows students to offer feedback and input regarding the Department of Economics. If you want to gain professional experience while still in school, considering completing an internship through the Hinckley Institute.

Career Opportunities

An education in economics will prepare you for jobs in fields like investment banking, financial services, healthcare administration, and market research. Graduates of the U’s program have put their networking and internship skills to work, pursuing careers as project executives, account managers, financial analysts, entrepreneurs, business development representatives, and accountants. Students may also attend graduate school in areas such as law, public policy, and business administration.

Last Updated: 11/5/18