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Program Description

In today’s fast-paced world, an understanding of business theory, practices, and applications is an important skill for students to carry with them after graduating college. The University of Utah's Business minor is designed for students majoring in academic areas outside of the business school (non-business majors only) who wish to supplement their major studies with education in business topics. The curriculum includes six pre-business courses and four higher-level business courses, covering subjects such as accounting, business thought, economics, finance, information systems, management, marketing, math, and statistics. If you see yourself in a career that would require knowledge of business fundamentals, considering minoring in business. 

Academic and Career Opportunities

In addition to academics, Business minor students can network and gain additional business skills by joining a business club or honorary, such as Business Leaders Incorporated (a student government for the David Eccles School of Business) or PBL (a club offering leadership development and the chance to participate in business skill competitions). Students who complete the Business minor can apply the skills they learned to careers in business—such as management, financial analysis, or marketing research—or careers related to their major (for example, the student who majored in English and who is now starting a freelance editing company).

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Exploratory Classes

  • BUS 1000 - The Eccles School and U
  • BUS 1050 - Foundations of Business Thought
Last Updated: 3/26/19