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Asian Pacific American Studies

Program Description

Changing soon to Asian American Studies minor.

Asian American Studies is one of the minors offered by the Ethnic Studies Program in the School for Cultural and Social Transformation (Transform). The program at the University of Utah explores differences in power as expressed by the state, civil society, and individuals, challenging social constructions of race, ethnicity, nationality, sexuality and gender. Students examine traditional forms of history and culture from the perspective of people who are underrepresented, while considering the role that race and racism play in today’s world. Through your coursework, you will learn to conceptualize socio-historical and political issues from the viewpoints of the various peoples that constitute U.S. diverse populations, using various disciplinary frameworks to do so.

Students pursuing a minor in Asian American Studies will complete two core courses and then choose elective classes from both Asian American content courses and broader Ethnic Studies courses. Graduates in the minor gain enhanced critical thinking skills and cross-cultural understanding that can be used in a number of fields.

Academic and Career Opportunities

Enrich your academic pursuits by completing an undergraduate research project with one of our Ethnic Studies faculty, and/or complete a Transform year-long internship. Students can also get involved in their department by joining the Transform College Student Council (CSC), to assist in planning events for Transform students, provide feedback regarding faculty appointments and promoting Ethnic Studies around campus and in the community. Graduates of the Ethnic Studies program have found work in every career field – business, education, health, nonprofit, and social services.

Last Updated: 7/8/24