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Consumer and Community Studies

Program Description

The Consumer and Community Studies (CCS) minor focuses on the well-being of households in terms of small-scale communities and large-scale environments. Students in the program are introduces to an interdisciplinary understanding of marketplace and community issues at the local, national, and international level, examining the perspectives of consumers, businesses, community organizations, and government.

Academic and Career Opportunities

Moving beyond the theoretical, students also have the opportunity to participate in undergraduate research, complete community service and internships, gain mediation skills, and the hands-on experience necessary to improve the lives of families and communities.

Combining the CCS minor with a pertinent major will prepare graduates to pursue careers in government agencies (as policy makers or regulators), non-profit organizations (as grant writers), or work for businesses that deal with consumers and community issues, such as housing advocacy firms, pharmaceuticals, and market research firms. Students could go on to graduate programs to study a variety of subject including but not limited to Human Development and Social Policy, Public Administration, Law, Political Science, Business, Finance, Accounting etc.

Last Updated: 8/21/23