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Asian Studies

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Program Description

The Asian Studies program is an interdisciplinary course of study that will both deepen and broaden your understanding of this crucial region of the world. As an Asian Studies student, you will learn the languages and countries of the core regions of East, South, Southeast, and Central Asia as well as Russia, the Pacific, and West Asia. Broaden your horizons and gain a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the fascinating people and cultures of this region: in addition to language courses, the Asian Studies program offers exploratory and history courses about the area. Cross-cultural understanding and language skills are increasingly important as we become a truly global economy, making the Asian Studies program a valuable experience.

The Student Experience

Asian Studies students are encouraged to enhance their academic experience by studying abroad, and a number of programs and internships are available. If you have an idea you want to explore in an academically rigorous environment, you can conduct your own undergraduate research project. The Asia Center also offers non-academic ways to strengthen your studies: consider visiting the Bennion Center to complete volunteer work locally or internationally. You can also practice your language skills by partnering with a native speaker through the Language Exchange Program.

Career Opportunities

The Asian Studies program provides the foundation for careers in public affairs, public service, business, and many other fields. Graduates have jobs in a wide variety of areas, from law, biological research, graphic design, and the computer industry, to public service here and abroad, as well as overseas entrepreneurship. Students are strongly encouraged to combine their Asian Studies undertakings with a major in another discipline, so that upon graduation they have acquired a foundation of career-oriented skills with a high degree of global awareness. Jobs in global health, foreign service, translation, education, and administration are all possibilities. If you decide to pursue additional schooling at the graduate level, careers in medicine, law, and higher education are also possible.

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Exploratory Classes

  • ASTP 3001 - Exploring Asia: Cultures, Methods, and Careers
  • HIST 1210 - Asian Civilizations: Traditions

Last Updated: 6/4/24