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Program Description

Gain a deeper understanding of a culture other than your own through study of the language, literature, and society of Japan. The diverse and innovative program caters to individual student needs and fosters forward thinking and a breadth of intellectual opportunity. This breadth is reflected in program coursework: in addition to Japanese language instruction, students will complete courses on Japanese culture. Course topics may include Japanese linguistics, classical and modern literature, intellectual and popular culture, theather and performance, and visual culture such as anime and manga. All students additionally must complete a capstone as a culminating experience to their time in the program. The U’s Japanese program provides excellent preparation for pursuing graduate work and entering a variety of professions where critical reading, writing, and thinking skills are paramount.

The Student Experience

For additional learning opportunities, consider completing an undergraduate research project or traveling to Japan for a semester to study and learn abroad. If you want to network and meet like-minded peers, consider joining the Japanese Culture Association or completing an internship locally, nationally, or internationally.

Career Opportunities

Upon graduation from the Japanese program, you will be prepared for careers in a number of fields. Work for the government domestically or abroad as a translator, linguist, diplomat, immigration or customs specialist, or journalist. Or, enter the world of international business as a supply chain manager, logistics specialist, or HR representative. Jobs in travel and tourism—as an airline employee, travel guide, or translator—are possible, as are careers in education and administration. With additional education at the graduate level, you can also find work as a professor, lawyer, or bilingual speech pathologist.

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