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Program Description

The goal of British Studies is to provide students with the opportunity to obtain a broad, multi-faceted understanding of the culture and society of Great Britain and the former colonies of the British Empire. The program is an interdisciplinary one that draws on the core concepts of six different departments—English, Film, History, Philosophy, Political Science, and Theatre—providing students with a well-rounded learning experience. Course content in these approved fields then draws substantially from British society and culture, focusing on three broad areas: the cultural/aesthetic (courses in literature, film, and theatre), the socio-historical (courses in History and Political Science), and the world of ideas (courses in Philosophy). The culminating experience of the program is a capstone Interdisciplinary Seminar in British Studies, allowing you to perform independent research under the guidance of an instructor. The minor in British Studies ultimately allows students to gain a rich and nuanced appreciation of a culture that historically has been one of the major forces shaping the world we have inherited.

Academic and Career Opportunities

To enhance your studies, consider attending the Gordon B. Hinckley Lecture Series or joining the first year learning community Humanities Scholars. Upon graduation, the British Studies minor can be used in tandem with the skills learned in your major: English majors can write books on Great Britain across several different genres, while education majors may choose to specialize in British history or humanities courses. The critical thinking and analytical skills the British Studies minor will give you can also assist you in careers and graduate programs in communication, librarian and information sciences, history, or public administration.

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Last Updated: 8/21/23