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community engagement

Community Engagement Certificate

Program Description

The Bennion Center Community Engagement Certificate offers a chance to bring your mind, heart, and hands together to address complex social and environmental challenges. It provides opportunities for students to build their civic agency and develop interpersonal, leadership, and advocacy skills. Students will also hone their academic skills in critical analysis, appreciation for diversity, and enhance their understanding of community issues and challenges. Students who complete the Community Engagement Certificate will have the knowledge, skills, values, and agency to create more just, equitable, and sustainable communities. Students in the program will complete a community-based capstone project—enacted over the course of a year—working with and in a community to complete a project with significant community input.  The certificate can serve as a professional credential and add value to a student’s academic experience at the U.

The Community Engagement Certificate requires the completion of 21 credit hours with a minimum of 15 credit hours in designated community engaged learning (CEL) courses. It is open to all undergraduates at the University of Utah regardless of major. There are no specific admission requirements.

Academic and Career Opportunities

The skills gained from completing the capstone project, such as project management, communication skills, responsibility, and commitment are highly valued in the professional arena. These skills equip students for working in nonprofit organizations, social impact private sector firms, city/state/national government, or for becoming social entrepreneurs.

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Exploratory Classes

  • BENN 1020 - Pathways to Community Engagement
  • BENN 2030 - Introduction to Civic Leadership



Last Updated: 7/8/24