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Disability Studies (Interdisciplinary)


  • Major
  • BA
  • BS
  • BSW
  • Honors
  • Minor
  • Certificate

Program Description

Disability Studies examines the concept of disability as a social, cultural, and political phenomenon. In contrast to medical, clinical, or therapeutic perspectives on disability, the University of Utah’s Disability Studies minor focuses on how disability is defined and represented in society. The program does not view disability as a problem that needs to be “fixed” or “cured.” Instead, the Disability Studies minor focuses on the social, cultural and political barriers that exist within society and how they affect individuals. The curriculum has three focus areas: practice, policy, and culture studies. Core classes cover the topics of human exceptionality and disability in culture and society, and students then choose elective courses from areas including nursing, urban planning, and communication.

Academic and Career Opportunities

To enrich your studies, consider participating in the Disability Studies Work Group, a group of community members committed to promoting the scholarship of Disability Studies at the U. Upon graduation, careers in public administration, advocacy, and education are all possible; with additional education, students can find employment as therapists, counselors, or lawyers.

Last Updated: 11/5/18