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Atmospheric Sciences

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Program Description

Students with interest in severe weather, climate change, forecasting, broadcast meteorology, atmospheric chemistry, remote sensing, and many other areas may find a home in the Atmospheric Sciences. Study in this field seeks to understand the behavior and predictability of the earth's atmosphere. Atmospheric scientists need a good foundation in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and computer science, and the University of Utah’s program offers training in these areas and others, such as meteorology and climate. As a natural extension of the geographic setting of the university, the atmospheric sciences degree uniquely emphasizes mountain weather and climate. Ultimately, this program provides the knowledge and tools needed to address the challenges posed by hazardous weather and climate change in the 21st century.

The Student Experience

The mission of the Department of Atmospheric Sciences is to discover, advance, and disseminate knowledge about weather and climate for the benefit of the people of Utah and the wider international community. Students can fulfill these goals through a number of academic and extracurricular activities. Pursue your passion and complete your capstone experience through a research project or internship. Or, join the Ute Weather Team and help keep your classmates aware of the weather while also gaining valuable job skills. Students can also join the U’s chapter of the American Meteorological Society (AMS).

Career Opportunities

In addition to technical skills and training, this versatile program ultimately allows students to develop an academic background that is appropriate for work in a number of fields. Alumni have gained employment in federal and state agencies (such as NASA and Transportation and Air Quality), the Air Force Weather Service, the private sector (such as aviation agriculture industries), and broadcast meteorology. Become a meteorologist, mining engineer, climatologist, hydrologist, or research and development engineer. The program is also excellent preparation for pursuing advanced degrees in the atmospheric or related sciences.

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Last Updated: 8/21/23