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Program Description

With the minor in Italian, students will study not only the beautiful, melodic language of Italian, but also explore the rich culture and history of Italy. In this program, you can focus on the culture of ancient and modern Italy, explore the world of Italian film, and examine how Italian culture has inspired and shaped the art and film of other countries throughout history.  Electives are available in a variety of topics, including Italian grammar and literature, art history, history, and religion. The department offers small classes and close instruction to students wishing to be part of the growing international Italian-speaking community.

Academic and Career Opportunities

Outside the classroom, students can socialize and network by participating in movie nights and other events organized by our dedicated Italian instructors, or by joining the Italian Club of Salt Lake. Students can join their Italian professors on a summer learning abroad program in Italy. Upon graduation, the minor in Italian can be paired with skills from your major degree program, allowing you to enter a number of fields. Communication or political science majors, for example, can use their foreign language skills to become translators, interpreters, advocates, and diplomats in local and international arenas. Business students will be equipped to pursue business ventures abroad, while education majors might consider ESL instruction careers.

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