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Korean and Korean Studies

Program Description

The minor in Korean and Korean Studies allows students to develop fluency in Korean while also learning about Korean culture and diaspora. Listed as a Critical Language by the US government, Korean is a complex but logical language. It is spoken by over 72 million people on the Korean peninsula and an additional 3 million in other parts of the world, making fluency in this language a valuable skill to have in today’s global economy. Students in the program complete courses in the Korean language, as well as electives in Korean culture, history, politics, and society. Graduates of the program will also be equipped with the critical thinking and cultural understanding to pursue a diverse number of careers and graduate programs.

Academic and Career Opportunities

If you want to network and meet like-minded peers, consider joining the Korean Club. Additional degree enrichment opportunities students may wish to complete include study abroad programs, teaching assistantships, or undergraduate research projects. Upon graduation, Korean and Korean Studies students may work domestically or abroad as translators or interpreters. Pair your language literacy with skills from your major to become a diplomat or international businessperson, or enter the field of education as an ESL or TESOL instructor. Students may also wish to attend graduate school in programs such as law, public relations, political science, or business administration.

Last Updated: 8/21/23