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Latin American Studies

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Program Description

The Latin American Studies program provides students with the opportunity to explore interdisciplinary approaches to Latin America. Students will not only have the chance to become literate in one of four Latin American languages— Spanish, Portuguese, Nahuatl, or Quechua—but they will also be able to explore the people, culture, and history of the region. The remainder of the curriculum is comprised of core courses in Latin American civilizations and cultures, with students choosing electives from the Latin American Studies department and other allied fields (such as humanities, anthropology, and linguistics). The culminating experience of the program is a study abroad, internship, independent study, or research course, allowing students to synthesize their knowledge and skills. Cross-cultural understanding and foreign language proficiency are valuable skills for students to have as we move toward an increasingly global economy. Students may use the language and critical thinking skills the Latin American Studies program will give them to pursue a number of diverse career options or as a springboard to attending graduate school.

The Student Experience

If you want to get involved in the department and meet fellow students, consider attending the annual Dolowitz Human Rights Lecture or joining a language club.  

Career Opportunities

After graduation, you will be prepared to pursue careers in a number of fields. Work domestically or abroad as an interpreter, translator, or diplomat, or remain exclusively in Latin America as you work in the tourism or travel industry. Students can also become educators, working as ESL or TESOL instructors. If you decide to attend graduate school, consider programs and subsequent careers in law, medicine, business, restoration, administration, or research.

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Exploratory Classes

  • HIST 1300 - Latin American Civilization to the 1800s
  • HIST 1310 - Latin American Civilization Since the 1820s

Last Updated: 7/10/24