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Program Description

Do you have a passion for numbers, analysis, and theory? Consider majoring in mathematics. This degree provides students with excellent quantitative and analytical skills, and a math degree is the perfect stepping stone for a countless number of careers. Mathematics, with its origins in algebra and geometry, has continued to grow in numerous directions including probability, statistics, numerical analysis, decision making, cryptography, finance, and more. It is the foundation for much of science, engineering, and computing. Students can emphasize in Statistics

The Student Experience

Pad your resume and join one of the many math clubs or honor societies, such as the student chapters of the Association for Women in Mathematics or the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. Meet fellow students and listen to math experts at weekly Undergraduate Colloquium mathematics talks. Students in the Department of Mathematics may participate in the College of Science Internship Program or work on research with a faculty mentor. For students seeking a jump-start on graduate school, the Mathematics Department offers a combined BS/MS Mathematics degree.

Career Opportunities

A degree in Mathematics provides a strong base for a variety of careers. Science, engineering, and physics are all excellent fields for math students, and so are research or teaching positions. Business also offers many opportunities for a mathematician to find work: you can become an actuary (a risk analyst for an insurance company), economist, operations researcher, or finance specialist. Some math majors put their abilities to work in computer science and programming, while others use the analytical skills they learned to become lawyers and doctors.

Last Updated: 8/21/23