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Medical Humanities MinorMedical Humanities Minor

Program Description

The Medical Humanities minor incorporates and builds upon the core courses from the Medical Humanities Block U program. These Block U courses allow students to explore traditional dichotomies and discuss specific cases and embed them in a larger question about normalcy. Students will additionally take courses from the communication and writing, philosophy and ethics, and history and literature disciplines to further explore the topics of healthcare and the history of medicine.

Academic and Career Opportunities

Students interested in involvement opportunities can join the Philosophy Club or John R. Park Debate Society. Additional opportunities include attending the Department of Philosophy Annual Conference Series or completing an undergraduate research project or internship in an ethics related environment. The minor will be of particular interest to students planning careers in healthcare, public administration, and medicine: critical thinking and decision-making skills and knowledge of ethical theory and reasoning are vital to physicians and medical personnel.  

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Exploratory Classes

Last Updated: 7/10/24