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Program Description

Philosophy is the study of knowledge, reality, and existence. If you want to better understand yourself and the important issues surrounding life, knowledge, and values, consider studying philosophy. This program will provide a broad understanding of the central problems and positions in philosophy, through coursework from the four central areas of philosophy: ethics and value theory, metaphysics and epistemology, the history of philosophy, and logic and formal methods. A major in philosophy offers a wide range of opportunities for intellectual growth and self-development to students who have a variety of interests, preparing you for a number of careers that require critical thinking and decision-making.

The Student Experience

For additional academic enrichment, complete an undergraduate research course or attend a philosophy-related event: the Department of Philosophy Annual Conference Series and the Intermountain West Student Philosophy Conference are both held annually. Students can further get involved in their department by joining the Philosophy Club or Women in Philosophy.

Career Opportunities

Because a philosophy degree provides versatile skills in critical thinking, discourse, and social awareness, students are prepared to pursue careers in almost any field. Pair your undergraduate degree with a business minor and become a human resources specialist or trainer. Careers in policy analysis, public relations, and grant writing are also possible, as are jobs as journalists and writers. With additional education at the graduate level, students have further career options of becoming lawyers, educators, administrators, or obtaining jobs in religious organizations.

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Exploratory Classes

  • PHIL 1000 - Intro: Survey of Philosophy
  • PHIL 1001 - Intro: Philosophy & Ethical Dilemmas in the Contemporary World
  • PHIL 1250 - Reasoning & Decision Making

Last Updated: 6/10/24