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Middle East Studies

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Program Description

Learn a new language, gain an appreciation for another culture, and become an active participant in today’s global world with the Middle East Studies program. Students of this program may choose one of two emphasis areas — Arabic or Persian—and will also complete a wide spectrum of courses that approach the Middle East from many different perspectives. In addition to area-specific courses, the Middle East Center also coordinates with other University of Utah departments to offer interdisciplinary courses in the following fields: anthropology, economics, geography, history, languages and literature, linguistics, and political science.

The Student Experience

The culminating experience of the undergraduate BA in Middle East Studies is the Signature Experience: a study abroad, internship, Model Arab League (a role-playing program that allows students to develop leadership and debate skills), or other activity related to the Middle East. Other academic opportunities include independent research projects and faculty-guided research assistantships. Outside of the classroom, students can get involved by joining the Middle East Languages Club.

Career Opportunities

Having an international experience or understanding of other cultures and languages can set you apart from other job applicants. The skills gained from the Middle East Studies program can be applied to a number of professional fields, such as translation/interpretation, immigration, journalism, or international business ventures. Some of the U’s Middle East Studies graduates have pursued work as victim advocates, editors, community developers, or as commissioned officers in the military. Graduate work and employment in law, social work, public administration, or international relations is also well-suited to students of this program.

Last Updated: 7/10/24