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Professional Selling & Business Development

Program Description

Sales is a hugely popular career choice for graduates of nearly all disciplines, not just those who study business—in fact, Mark Cuban claims sales is the one secret to success in any field. The minor in Professional Sales and Business Development provides students of any academic background with the technical and business skills needed to compete in the rapidly growing market for sales professionals. Coursework includes topics such as strategic sales management, marketing, and sales technology; an internship in sales is the culminating experience of the program.

Academic and Career Opportunities

Network with other students by joining the American Marketing Association U chapter, Alpha Kappa Psi, Business in Sports Club, Fashion in Business, Sales Club at the U, or Out for Business, a networking group for LGBTQ+ business students. Or, consider completing an internship or research project to further develop your selling skills. Upon graduation, students who pair the minor with a relevant major are prepared for jobs in professional and technical sales roles, public relations, market research and analysis, advertising, or management. Careers in research, education, or administration are also possible through continued coursework at the graduate level.

Last Updated: 8/21/23