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Program Description

Delve into a foreign language, learn about another culture, and become a truly global citizen with the Chinese BA at the University of Utah. Chinese students will gain a deeper understanding of a culture other than their own through the study of language, literature, and society: the curriculum includes language classes from beginning to advanced levels, with additional content courses covering Chinese society and culture. The Chinese program aims to provide a well-rounded education on China, ultimately helping you to master the necessary language skills and intellectual understanding that will prepare you for a career in a China-related field.

The Student Experience

An exciting feature of the program is a summer study abroad experience at Nankai University in Tianjin, China, where students can earn up to six credits toward their Chinese major or minor. For additional language-learning support, participate in one of the U’s Second Language Teaching and Research Center (L2TReC) workshops or events on Second Language Acquisition (SLA) research and education. Students can also connect with the Confucius Institute for additional opportunities to engage with other Chinese speakers on campus and participate in Chinese cultural events and activities. 

Career Opportunities

After graduation, many students are prepared to enter graduate programs in Asian Studies, International Studies, law schools, business schools, and medical schools. Many alumni have also found employment in government service and the private sector, as project managers, international sales developers, and language teachers. Become a translator or diplomat, or pair your language skills with technical skills and work internationally in business, technology, or the sciences: careers as a supply chain manager, engineer, programmer, or marketing coordinator are all possible.

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Exploratory Classes

  • WLC 2010 - Intro to the Study of Literature & Culture
  • WLC 2020 - Language in Society
  • CHIN 1010 (or higher)- Beginning Mandarin Chinese I 

Last Updated: 7/8/24