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Book Arts

Program Description

To open a book is to expose the intimate details of story, experience, and idea. Actually creating a book, however, is an art in itself. A part of the J. Willard Marriott Library since 1995, the Book Arts Program at the University of Utah champions wide-ranging explorations of the book. In the fully-equipped book arts studio, bookbinders, printers, and book artists utilize type, letterpress, photo engravings, and bookbinding equipment as they combine traditional techniques with modern aesthetics and technology. The Book Arts Program promotes involvement with the art of the book, and students take classes exploring letterpress printing, bookbinding, artists' books, and typography. Studio access is then provided to students who have completed foundation courses.

Meet with a College of Fine Arts Academic Advisor for more information and to declare.

Students interested in studying book arts also have the option of a book arts emphasis in the Art BFA

Career Opportunities

Book Arts students have a number of academic and professional resources available to them. Take part in program workshops to additionally enhance your skills, or attend program exhibitions that celebrate and explore both the traditional and innovative arts of the book. Career opportunities in book arts include book designing, bookbinding, restoration, and papermaking. Put your skills to work in settings like museums and libraries, or freelance and help private collectors maintain their printed arts.

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Exploratory Classes

  • ART 3060 - Non-Major Book Arts: Letterpress Printing I
  • ART 3065 - Non-Major Book Arts: Bookbinding I
  • ENGL 2510 - Introduction to Creative Writing with Book Arts Workshop

Last Updated: 7/8/24