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Program Description

Cameras are no longer a bulky, expensive item for collectors or enthusiasts—with the advent of smartphones, nearly everyone has a camera in their pocket. The Photography minor will allow you to hone your photography skills and also gain a better understanding of photographs as a means of visual communication. Critical analysis, personal expression, and creative problem solving are all skills you will learn or improve upon through the program, and these abilities can then be applied in both personal and professional settings.

Students interested in studying photography also have the option of a photograph/digital imaging emphasis in the Art Studio BFA

Academic and Career Opportunities

Enhance your skills and spend time with other photography students by joining the U’s Photo Club. ArtsForce, the College of Fine Arts’ organization dedicated to helping its students network and find jobs, is another great way to connect with peers. When paired with a relevant degree, the Photography minor prepares students for careers as a photographer in a variety of fields: portrait, commercial, news, and sports. Additional opportunities in photojournalism, advertising, and media are also possible.

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Last Updated: 7/9/24